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How to Get Animals in Settlement Survival

Obtain more resources by getting animals

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How to Get Animals in Settlement Survival

The full version of Settlement Survival was released on October 24. It’s a simulation game about establishing a city for survival. You’ll create a brand-new community and give your people everything they need, including a new home, food, safety, education, and employment.

Even the land itself can be carved or transformed, which is unique for this type of game.

With that said, you’ll need more food sources as your settlement grows. We’ll show you how to get animals as a start.

Settlement Survival: How to Get animals

Settlement Survival How to Get animals
Credits: Doodle Bug

There will be animals nearby when you first start playing Settlement Survival. For food, these creatures can be hunted. Hunter’s Hut needs to handle it.

With Hunter’s Hut, you can get a variety of things, including the meat of the animals that the hunters hunted.

For instance, you would receive Buffalo Meat, Leather, and Dried Animal Dung if your Hunter’s Hut had hunted Buffalo. In your community, there are two ways to obtain animals, one of which is connected to the Hunter’s Hut.

Obtaining Animals

Obtaining Animals Settlement Survival
Credits: Doodle Bug

Ordering them on the Ferry and putting them in the Pasture are the two methods to get animals. It is not suggested to order animals on the Ferry due to the high cost of silver coins.

They can be challenging to obtain in the early stages of the game. Utilizing Hunter’s Hut is the alternative strategy.

Create an eco-pasture in the farming section. To gain resources like food, you can keep cattle in this place. However, Hunter’s Hut is where you should first look for that animal. For instance, if a buffalo is discovered at your Hunter’s Hut, you may decide to place it in the Eco-pasture.

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