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How to Get All Keycards in Sons of the Forest | VIP, Guest, Maintenance

Get all the keycards to be able to open all the bunkers on the island.




How to Get All Keycards in Sons of the Forest VIP Guest Maintenance

You can find many locked bunkers across Sons of Forest’s large island. However, you will need keycards to fully explore them.

You can also come across multiple types of keycards as well. You will need to get all of them if you want to access all of the bunkers.

In this guide, we’ll show you how you can get all of them.

How to Get All Keycards in Sons of the Forest

How to Get All Keycards in Sons of the Forest
Source: Its Shatter

First of all, you should make sure to get the Shovel in order to get the Maintenance Keycard. You will also need the Maintenance Keycard to get the other keycards.

Also, there are 3 different keycards to find which are as follows:

  • VIP Keycard
  • Guest Keycard
  • Maintenance Keycard

You should get the Maintenance Keycard first, followed by the VIP Keycard, and then the Guest Keycard.

That said, here’s how you can obtain each keycard:

Maintenance Keycard

Maintenance Keycard
Source: Its Shatter

You can find the Maintenance Keycard at a green point of interest near where you first get the Shovel. It’s shown in the red circle on the GPS in the image above.

Once you reach this spot, look for some survey equipment around a batch of dirt. Use the Shovel on the dirt to find the Maintenance A bunker hatch.

Maintenance Keycard 1
Source: Its Shatter

Open the hatch and enter the bunker. Go through the hallway until you reach a living space with Creepy Mutant babies. Take care of the babies and explore the room.

You should eventually find a 3D Printer with the Maintenance Keycard right next to it.

Once you’re done, you want to get the VIP Keycard right away as it’s close to the Maintenance A bunker.

VIP Keycard

VIP Keycard

Source: Its Shatter

You can find the VIP Keycard close to where you got the Maintenance Keycard. Again, refer to the GPS in the image above.

Additionally, you will need the Maintenance Keycard to get the VIP Keycard.

As you approach the area marked on the GPS, you should spot a couple of golf carts. The entrance to the cave is right next to them.

Enter the cave and go forward until you reach a hatch. Go down the hatch to enter a food storage area.

VIP Keycard 1

Now, look for the locked door in the area and open it with your Maintenance Keycard. You will be in an area with underground gardens now. Go through them.

After passing through the gardens, you will reach a series of flooded rooms. Swim through them, following the only path forward.

Eventually, you will reach a long hallway with a locked door at the end. Swim toward it but keep an eye on your left. As soon as you see a door to your left, turn and swim toward it.

After you enter the door to your left, keep swimming forward until you reach a surveillance room. You will find the VIP Keycard on a desk in this room.

VIP Keycard 2

Before you leave the bunker, make sure to go back to the locked door you ignored before. You can open it with the VIP Keycard now. It will also lead to a quick way out that you can swim through.

With the VIP Keycard in your possession, you can then proceed to get the Guest Keycard which is close to the bunker you are currently in.

Guest Keycard

Guest Keycard

The Guest Keycard is the last keycard you will get. You can find it in another green point of interest. Refer to the GPS image above to find it.

If you don’t have the Maintenance Keycard yet, you will need to go get it first.

If you just got the VIP Keycard and exited the bunker, you should be pretty close to the area already. In fact, it will be the closest point of interest to you.

Once you reach the marker on your GPS, look for a hole leading into the ground. The hole is close to the nearby river.

Guest Keycard 1

Enter the hole to go into a cave. Eventually, you will reach yet another bunker. In the bunker, go down the long hallway that leads to a locked door.

Open the locked door with the Maintenance Keycard to enter a large gym. Be careful, as there are many mutants in the area.

Guest Keycard 2

Make your way through the gym and recreational areas until you end up in a large room with two staircases. Go up the stairs to reach the upper floor.

On the upper floor, go straight forward past the pool until you reach a nightclub. Go past the bar and into the dark area. You can find the Guest Keycard on the third small roundtable to your right.

You should now have all Keycards in your possession. This will allow you to open every locked door in the bunkers!

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