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How to Get Air Tank in Sons of the Forest

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How to Get Air Tank in Sons of the Forest

We remember the dread we felt when we played the Forest a while ago. Now, we were frightened by the Sons of the Forest experience. 

We can safely say that if you’re looking for a horror-themed survival game… this game nails it.

As hardcore fans of the prequel, we were expecting similar types of mechanics around finding items. We have crafted this guide knowing players will struggle when looking for certain items. Fret not! We’ve got you covered.

Air Tank Location in Sons of the Forest

Finding the Air Tank
Source: ZaFrostPet

The first step to finding the Air tank is to head to the spot shown in the image above. Be well prepared and carry weapons in case mutants are lurking around.  You will also need to bring a melee weapon, ideally some kind of axe.

If you saw the image beyond your cellphone and your canteen, you can see a wooden blockade sitting in front of you, this is why we have brought the axe. After chopping you can move to the path forward.

Air tank
Source: ZaFrostPet

After crossing the blockade, you chopped with your axe, you’ll be sent through a narrow path. Tread lightly as you can miss the tank if not careful. Use the cell phone to provide some light when walking through the area.

Eventually, you’ll find a tubular thing. Pick it up and that’s it, the Air Tank is yours now. You can exit the cave using a narrow trail that opens up to the right of the Air Tank’s location.

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