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How to Get AI Kingdoms in Kingdoms and Castles

Befriend or make an enemy out of these AI Kingdoms




How to Get AI Kingdoms in Kingdoms and Castles

In May, the Kingdoms and Castles AI Kingdoms update went into effect. The previous AI Kingdoms update has been expanded by a recent version called the War & Diplomacy.

You can form allies, declare war, ask for assistance, and more. We’ll guide you through the steps to include AI Kingdoms in your game.

Obtaining AI Kingdoms in Kingdoms and Castles

Obtaining AI Kingdoms in Kingdoms and Castles
Credits: Lion Shield

The AI kingdoms in Kingdoms and Castles can spawn on the islands in your maps. To communicate with the AI, you will require the Hall of Diplomacy.

You first need to train a diplomat and use transport ships to get to the Kingdoms of the AI. You have various options after arriving at their island, including making alliances, requesting peace, and more.

How you react to and engage with them will affect how they perceive you. On your map, there can only be three AI Kingdoms.

Having AI Kingdoms

Having AI Kingdoms
Credits: Lion Shield

AI Kingdoms may be on your map if you begin a new game. It has a maximum spawn capacity of 3 AIs. Select the Add AI option to add and configure them once you have chosen a map and the island where you wish to establish your kingdom.

You can choose their Skill Level here. Additionally, you can drag their banners to position their island. Their banners and names are arbitrary and cannot be modified. Once you have completed all of these, you can begin.

This game features a fog of war. You will be able to see what the AI Kingdom can see if you are allied with them.

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