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How to Get a Snowball – Slime Rancher 2

Obtain a Snowball to have some fun with your slimes.

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How to Get a Snowball Slime Rancher 2

The Song of the Sabers update for Slime Rancher 2 introduces a new fun Winter Wonderland biome called Powderfall Bluffs. Not only will you find new slimes and resources here, but you can also find a new item you can obtain.

This new item is the Snowball, and we will show you how to get one.

How to Get a Snowball

How to Get a Snowball

Source: Trophy Tom

In Slime Rancher 2, Snowballs can only be obtained in the new Powderfall Bluffs biome, so you must have unlocked it if you want to get some.

To get Snowballs, go to the central area of Powderfall Bluffs. Upon reaching the area, find a pile of Snowballs on the ground.

You will know if you can harvest it with the Vacpack if you see glowing snowflakes floating around it.

There are other places in Powderfall Bluffs that have a pile of Snowballs but this is the nearest area where you can find one.

How to Get a Snowball 1

Source: Trophy Tom

You can use Snowballs to have some fun with Slimes. If you throw it at them, they will use it and throw it back at you or another slime, resulting in a Snowball fight.

You can also throw them to your Slimes or Feral Slimes in the Conservatory. Additionally, you can use Snowballs to get rid of Tarr Slimes.

Another way to obtain Snowballs is to find the Snowball Machine blueprint, then craft it at the Conservatory to make Snowballs right at your ranch.

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