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How to Get a Lot of Gold Early in Hogwarts Legacy | Tips and Tricks

Get your hands on a ton of gold early on and worry no more about being broke!




How to Get a Lot of Gold Early in Hogwarts Legacy Tips and Tricks

Even if you’re a magical witch or wizard with access to solid spells and charms, no spell allows you to make gold out of nowhere in Hogwarts Legacy.

Most open-world games revolve around money, and Hogwarts Legacy is no exception. If you’ve been to Hogsmeade, you’re probably aware of how pricey everything is in the game.

Fortunately, there are many ways to earn Gold in the game. Here are some of the methods we’ve known of:

Open Eye Chests

Opening Eye Chests

Source: JorRaptor

You can find Eye chests throughout the world in Hogwarts Legacy. The only issue is that you can’t open them unless you’re invisible.

Fortunately, you can learn a spell that makes you invisible early on or create Invisibility Potions. Once you have either, you can just approach this chest and open it to obtain 500 gold.

Sell Unused Gear

Sell Unused Gear

Source: JorRaptor

You only have limited inventory space for your Gear, and the only way to gain more is to sell the ones you don’t use.

Fortunately, almost all vendors buy equipment and will pay you a decent price. Just make sure to only sell stuff with lower stats than what you’re currently wearing.

Start Your Own Shop

Start Your Own Shop

Source: Game Guides Channel

If you progress far enough into the game, a side quest will allow you to build your own shop where you can sell your stuff for 10% more than in any other shop.

Once you’ve unlocked it, make a habit of selling your stuff regularly to earn as much gold as you want.

Unfortunately, the Haunted Hogsmeade quest, which unlocks a shop you own, is exclusive to PlayStation 5 users.

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