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How to Get a Boat in Sports Story With Less Money

Get this item to have a discount when buying a boat.

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How to Get a Boat in Sports Story with Less Money

Once you’ve completed the activities at Britannia Station, the next big area in Sports Story is Pelican Waters. Here, you can find a large houseboat at the Pelican Waters’ entrance which you’ll need for a later mission.

In exchange for $500, a mysterious man in black will let you use his boat.

However, we know of a way to get the boat for much less, and we’ll show you how.

Getting the Old Train Key

Getting the Old Train Key
Source: Ray Narvaez Jr

When you get off the train in Pelican Waters, head south till you reach the Canning area. Leave the Canning area and head southeast across a wooden board to a box containing an Old Train Key.

You can obtain a Boat Coupon with this key.

Using the Boat Coupon

Using the Boat Coupon
Source: BattleBunny

If you head north of the Fishing Shop and cross the wooden boards, you’ll eventually find a hidden path leading to the Boat Coupon.

Along the way, you can find a Steel Line. Follow this road until you reach the Old Train Tracks.

The Boat Discount Coupon is behind the train’s locked door, which may be opened using the Old Train Key. In addition, there are two Recovery Balls in a chest and a moving target off to the left side of the train.

Using the Boat Coupon 1
Source: BattleBunny

Go back to the man in black and talk to him again. If you have the Boat Coupon, he will discount the boat by 90%, bringing the price down to $50.

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