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How to Free the Dragon in Hogwarts Legacy

Free the dragon from its life of dog fighting!




How to Free the Dragon in Hogwarts Legacy

In Hogwarts Legacy, you will find an underground area where people are forcing dragons to fight in a magical-themed form of dog fighting.

They keep the dragons locked up and regularly abuse them to ensure they stay in place and do not try to escape.

One of the many missions in the game sees you and your companion sneak into this ring of dragon fighting and attempt to free one of the dragons from its shackles.

To set it free, you must use a few spells in succession so you can unlock the locks keeping it in place. Here’s how to do it:

Use Spells to Release the Dragon

Use Spells to Release the Dragon 1

Source: Sipder

When you first encounter the dragon, it is immobile as it is locked in place and unable to move. You and your companion have to slowly approach it.

To start the unlocking process, you must use the Depulso spell to send a ripple of force through the lock.

Then you must use Accio to pull the lock toward you and unlock the dragon.

How to Release the Dragon

How to Release the Dragon

Source: Sipder

After the dragon has been unshackled, you are surrounded by the poacher executioners who run the ring.

Before they can attack you, the dragon springs to life and attacks the executioners, but they have little luck. The dragon burns them all, and you then use Incendio to open up the roof so the dragon can make an escape.

You and your companion escape, and you have completed the mission. You return to Hogwarts with the dragon free, though you are still in possession of its egg. 

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