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How to Fix the Frayed Memory in One Piece Odyssey

Enter hysteria to save Usopp

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How to Fix the Frayed Memory in One Piece Odyssey

One Piece Odyssey is a great piece of fanservice for longtime fans of the series. Not only could they play as the characters they love, but also follow storylines that are consistent with the anime. They can play the iconic characters in JRPG style with many quests to complete.

One specific quest that players are struggling to complete is the Frayed Memory Quest. This guide will help you complete this quest.

How to the Frayed Memory

Step 1: Enter the portal to start the quest

Once you have arrived at Hysteria. Make sure to equip Sandora Dragon attack for Zoro. The addition of fire to your attacks can deal great damage to your enemies. Equip Thunder colossus power as well for Chopper.

As you progress through, you will see a child by the side of a makeshift bridge. Upon closer look, you will see that he needs help.

After crossing the bridge, you will see Usopp fighting off a group of monsters, and enter the battle to help Usopp.

Enter the portal to start the quest
Image source: FP Good Game

Step 2: Find Herbs

After interacting with the child, you will need to find the Herbs to cure his mom. Chopper’s dialogue will give you clues on where the Herbs will be, so make sure to pay attention to it.

Instead of checking each and every herb you encounter, the correct one should be in this portion of the map.

Find Herbs
Image source: FP Good Game

After collecting the Herbs, you will encounter a group of bandits. Defeat them to progress further into the quest.

Find Herbs 2
Image source: FP Good Game

Step 3: Defeat Sandora Dragon

After defeating the bandits, the child will then be kidnapped by the bandit boss and they run off. To chase them,  travel further into the Stone Bridge Alternate Route.

This will initiate a boss fight with the Sandora Dragon. Use your newly learned skills to defeat it.

Defeat Sandora Dragon

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