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How to Fix Dark and Darker Crashing, Error, and Freezing

Troubleshoot your game in no time with these steps!




How to Fix Dark and Darker

These past few days, a lot of players expressed and filed complaints regarding the frequent crashing and freezing of the game Dark and Darker.

Up until today, the game is still in playtest base which means that the game is not yet fully furnished and is still undergoing maintenance, adjustments, and changes. But these features do not stop players from conquering the mystical creatures and monsters in pursuit of finding the treasures.

However, the game experience of most players has been compromised because of the errors, crashing, and freezing issues.

As co-gamers, we don’t want that to keep on happening. That is why we made this guide for you. Simply follow the steps to prevent your game from getting busted.

How to Fix Crashing, Error, and Freezing Issues in Dark and Darker

How to Fix Crashing Error and Freezing Issues in Dark and Darker
Source: Ditech Gaming

If you are one of the players who experience crashing and freezing of the game, simply follow these simple steps that we prepared for you.

Step 1

Step 1
Source: Ditech Gaming

Log in to your Steam account, and head to your Library. Once you see your Dark and Darker Playtest from the list, right-click and go to Properties.

Source: Ditech Gaming

Then, you should be able to see this window. Go to Local Files, and Verify integrity of beta files. You should wait for a moment after you click this.

Your device is looking for any corrupted file that you have and is trying to fix it for you.

Step 2

Step 2
Source: Ditech Gaming

While waiting for the validation of files, go to your NVIDIA GeForce Experience, AMD, or any software that you have installed on your PC, and make sure that all drivers installed are updated.

Express Installation
Source: Ditech Gaming

After updating the drivers, the software will automatically launch. Go to Drivers, and download whatever updated version is available by clicking the green Download button on the upper right corner. Once done, click Express Installation.

Step 3

Step 3
Source: Ditech Gaming

While waiting for the driver update download, go to your Desktop, right-click, and select the NVIDIA Control Panel.

Set PhysX Configuration

When you are here, go to the Set PhysX Configuration panel. Under the Select a PhysX Processor, make sure to select the GPU.

After all these steps, you might need to restart your whole computer before you try to reopen your Dark and Darker, then you’re all good to go.

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