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How to Fix Character Color Glitch in Hogwarts Legacy

Stop characters in the game from looking so blue!




How to Fix Character Color Glitch in Hogwarts Legacy

Some Hogwarts Legacy players experience a very weird graphical glitch that causes characters to be entirely blue. In some cases, they’re even green or any other solid color.

This glitch has become known simply as the character color glitch, for obvious reasons. The funny part is that some were worried that the issue is due to their hardware.

Some may even fear that there may be something wrong with their game. However, neither is the case, and the fix for this is actually very simple.

This guide will walk you through how to fix the color glitch in the game. Simply follow the tip below:

Head Into the Settings

Head Into the Settings

Source: Karpo Gaming

You may be frustrated that this is a game-breaking glitch, but it’s not and can easily be remedied. If you are experiencing this glitch, there is a good chance you purchased the Xbox version of the game, as this is the most common version affected.

To fix the glitch, simply follow these steps:

  • Open your Settings menu
  • Navigate to Accessibility Options
  • Scroll down to High Contrast Gameplay
  • Turn off High Contrast Gameplay
  • Profit
Head Into the Settings 1

Source: Karpo Gaming

Once you have turned High Contrast Gameplay off, you are all set. You can now enjoy the game as intended rather than seeing everyone as a solid color.

However, if the problem persists, restart your device after changing the accessibility settings.

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