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How to Fix Bluestack Crash in EverSoul PC Emulator

An easy fix for a better gaming experience.




How to Fix Bluestack Crash in EverSoul PC Emulator 1

Since Eversoul has been released globally, a lot of players wanted to try and experience playing the game. However, the game is only available on Android. Although there are still people who are Android users, there are still people who prefer playing on PC than on mobile.

That being said, players are using the PC emulator, Bluestacks, to still play the game even on PC. Yet, there are some players who are still not familiar with this software. Plus, there are also some reported issues about Bluestack crashing while laying Eversoul.

That being said, we want to let you have an awesome experience in playing the game without the burden of crashing software.

Fixing Bluestack Crash in EverSoul

Fixing Bluestack Crash in EverSoul
Source: XuitedGamer

To prevent the game from crashing, make sure that you have downloaded the latest version of Bluestack.

Now, after you launch the software, you have to create an Instance in case you are already not running a Pie 64-bit instance.

Source: XuitedGamer

Simply click Instance > Fresh instance > Nougat 64-bit > Next. Make sure also to pick 4 cores, and a Memory Allocation of 4 GB. However, if you want to prevent screen tearing, you can choose 2 cores, and 2 GB respectively.

If you have chosen to do the latter, you also have to adjust the settings in your game. Go to Settings > Graphics. And all that you can see on that tab, change them to Medium.

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