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How to Farm Silver Coins and Gold in MIR M

A quick guide for farming tons of silver coins and gold.

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How to Farm Silver Coins and Gold in MIR M

MIR M is the sequel to the popular mobile game MIR 4, which is a famous Korean MMORPG that lets players grind in a fantasy world.

However, it was more famous for being a blockchain game that helps players earn real money from the comfort of their homes.

In MIR M, coins are an essential resource that every player wants to have. As such, this is going to require you to do a bit of work in the game to accumulate them. This guide will show you how.

How to Farm Coins in Mir M

Here are a couple of tasks that can net you a steady silver coin income if you keep doing them.



Source: IceXgame

The first way to farm coins is through fishing. This can be done by players who are out of XP potions to farm from monsters.

Fishing can be beneficial because this can increase your vigor at the same time.

Once you fish long enough, you can get coins from the Gingko Lost item. Once you unbox this type of chest, there’s a good chance of you finding gold.

You can also sell the fish you retrieve in exchange for coins to NPCs.

Coin Gain Boost Items

Coin Gain Boost Items

Source: IceXgame

You can also equip different items that can increase your chances of obtaining gold. These include your armor, helmet, title, and your mount.

Even your mount’s equipment can have effects that improve your chance of getting gold. Make sure to double-check your inventory for these items.


The other way to farm coins in the game is by defeating monsters. There are countless monsters found in the world that you need to face.

These monsters range from weak to strong. To farm coins, make sure that the monsters you face are not too powerful.

You can easily find weak monsters near settlements.

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