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How to Farm in Harvestella | Farming Guide

Plant and harvest crops then sell them to obtain money

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How to Farm in Harvestella Farming Guide

Harvestella is a story-based farming simulation game. In the game, you can plant crops and raise animals. You can engage in other activities in the game than farming.

You can interact with NPCs, explore, combat creatures, and do many other things. We’ll demonstrate how to farm for you.

Harvestella Farming Guide, How to Farm

Harvestella Farming Guide How to Farm
Credits: The Ginger Empire

One of the early ways to get Grilla, the game’s main currency, in Harvestella is through farming.

Crops must be planted, and you must wait for them to grow before selling them. You can prepare meals in the kitchen using the fruits and veggies you picked.

Plowing and Planting

Plowing and Planting
Credits: The Ginger Empire

You’ll get your farming tools at the beginning of Harvestella. Additionally, a 7×7 square will be given to you for planting crops. Outside of your house is where it is. Plow the ground using the hoe. To plow it will require two strikes.

Once the ground has been plowed, prepare your seeds, choose the seed you wish to plant, and then press E. Change your tool to a watering can then water the seed-filled areas. A plant will finish growing in-game in one to three days.

Plants should always be routinely watered. Some enormous rocks can also be found on the site. To increase the number of plants you can plant, you can smash these with a hammer. You can consume raw harvested crops if you still have a kitchen counter. To get additional Grilla, it is preferable to sell them, though.

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