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How to Evolve Weapons in Rogue Genesia

To defeat thousands of monsters in Rogue: Genesia, you need to improve your weapons.




How to Evolve Weapons in Rogue Genesia

Rogue: Genesia is a rogue-lite action game that tasks players with clearing out swarms of monsters numbering in hundreds of thousands before taking on the game’s final boss and securing the fate of one of the many worlds in the game’s universe.

Gradually upgrading one’s equipment is one of the most important things you need to do in this game.

If you’re having a hard time making your weapons more potent, we’ve created this guide to make things easier for you.

Rogue Genesia: How to Evolve Weapons

Rogue Genesia How to Evolve Weapons

In Rogue: Genesia, you can acquire and upgrade weapons in the game through progression.

For you to get the evolved weapon you want, it’s highly recommended to focus on one or two weapons during a run instead of upgrading them all.

Thus, it’s crucial to be aware of which ones suit your playstyle best. 

Evolving Weapons

Evolving Weapons

Aside from skills, you’ll primarily be relying on your luck as you progress through Rogue: Genesia.

To get to the late game, you need to have powerful weapons. However, you can only achieve this when you plan ahead.

The only way you can “evolve” your weapons is by maxing out their level until you reach the blacksmith.

There, you can choose to limitbreak your weapon or reroll blacksmith, where you have the chance to get evolved weapons. You’ll know it’s an evolved weapon when it’s in the teal color.

Tip: Focus on only one or two weapons to max out before you get to the blacksmith.

The following are some of the evolved weapons available in the game:

  • Artificer’s Katana Evolution
  • Silph’s Blade Evolution
  • Void Wisp Evolution

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