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How to Enable Comments to Speech on Playstation 5 Live Stream

Set up your PS5 live stream and enable comments easily!




How to Enable Comments to Speech on Playstation 5 Live Stream

As part of our efforts to help players enjoy their gaming experiences to the fullest, we have created this guide, so you don’t waste time setting up your Live Stream on your own.

Turning on this option makes it possible for you to hear the comments on your chat rather than having to read them.

Use this if you want to make your streams more interactive than ever before.

Accessing the PS5’s Settings

Accessing the PS5s Settings

Source: YourSixStudios

The first step towards activating the Chat to Speech setting is to access your PS5 settings screen. Once you get there, you need to scroll down to the bottom where you will find the Captures and Broadcast button.

Access Captures and Broadcasts and then proceed to the Broadcasts pane below Captures. At the bottom of the screen once again, you will find the Chat to Speech option that you need to click.

Accessing the PS5s Settings 1

Source: YourSixStudios

After completing the previous steps, you will arrive at the screen portrayed in the image. You need to make sure the Convert Broadcast Chat to Speech option is toggled “ON”.

You can also adjust other settings such as Speed, Pitch, and Volume which may prove beneficial for your Live Stream.

As a final tip, you can toy with the Screen Reader Setting inside the Accessibility settings inside the PS5 menu. We hope these settings have been useful to you and your Live Streaming experience!

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