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How to Earn God Tokens and Unlock New Characters for Free in Divine Knockout

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How To Earn God Tokens and Unlock New Characters for Free in Divine Knockout

Ever wondered if there is a way to unlock new characters in Free Divine Knockout for free? Worry no more, we have crafted this guide to show you the steps you must follow to earn a god for free.

But wait! How does this work? We are glad you asked.

Every time you win a match, you gain experience for your current character. When your character levels up to 10, you will receive a God Token. You can then trade this token for any god you desire.

Unlocking Your Favorite God

Unlocking Your Favorite God

Source: GamerHoodUK

As you can see, all you need to do is level up! Fair enough, it may require investing that little extra time into playing, but you can think of it as a side mission while you practice your skills and have fun with the game.

We wanted to get Thanatos as soon as possible, so we used the god token we earned to unlock him. Please remember to choose your free god carefully, as you will need to level up more to receive more god tokens.

Unlocking Your Favorite God 1

Source: GamerHoodUK

Remember that before buying the god you can also look to try them. I think that is a wonderful way to test the god and determine whether he is the character you have been looking for.

We chose Thanatos based on how cool his cape looks, and we also love the way his animations run when he moves across the battlefield. Unfortunately for us, there is no wrong or right answer, so go ahead and dive into it right away.

Unlocking Your Favorite God 2

Source: GamerHoodUK

This may take you a while…but we promise it will feel really rewarding when you deploy your brand-new God to the battlefield.

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