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How to Earn BLEC and Mining Reviews in Bless Global

Learn everything about mining and earning more BLEC in Bless Global.




How to Earn BLEC and Mining Reviews in Bless Global 1

Bless Global offers simple and fun activities such as exploring the world, cooking, fishing, and even mining to its players. Doing these things will help you progress and level up in the game easily.

Having said that, we made this article about earning BLEC and understanding mining in Bless Global. Let’s get started.

All About Mining in Bless Global

All About Mining in Bless Global

Source: IceXgame

In Bless Global, game quests are not the only thing you can do. There are also some tasks that you can do to help you level up and earn BLEC, one of which is mining. However, you can’t immediately start mining right off the bat.

To be able to start mining in Bless Global, you have to meet first the minimum level requirement which is level 39. Once you reach level 39, you will be able to unlock different mines.

You can check these by clicking Menu > Campaign > Mine.

The first mine that you will see is the Frozen Mines. To unlock this, you are required to reach level 39 first and hit a BP of 73500.

All About Mining in Bless Global 1

Source: IceXgame

The next one is the Elven Mines which also requires at least level 39, and a BP of 115000. After the Elven Mines are the Hill Mines which require you a higher BP of 145000.

The next one is the Magic Spring Mines which needs you to have a BP of 270000. Lastly, there is the Dragonscale Mines which will be available during a scheduled time. This mining area requires you to have a BP of 430000.

Take note that the number of resources and corestal you can get in each of these zones is different from each other. Another thing that you should remember is that having a mining tool can help reduce your mining time.

One way to earn crystal aside from mining is by trying to top up and buy bundles from the Event Shop > Weekly Purchase.

As you already know, the corestals that you can get from mining are what you can mint and turn into BLEC, which is the cryptocurrency of the game.

So if you want to earn a lot of BLEC, you might want to consider going to mines more often and keep grinding from four to five hours.

How to Earn BLEC

How to Earn BLEC

In Bless Global, there are two ways you can follow to earn BLEC. The first one is minting which basically dumps your corestals to receive an amount of BLEC depending on how many corestals you have submitted.

The next one is dissolving which uses your BLEC to turn into corestals. Once the BLEC is converted into corestals, you will use these to purchase Mystery Boxes which contain a greater amount of tokens and other rewards and items.

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