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How to Destroy Spider Webs – Hogwarts Legacy

Get rid of those sticky obstacles right away!




How to Destroy Spider Webs Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy lets you experience a lot of exploration and digging into some places in pursuit of finding out clues, hints, and even solutions to some puzzles.

However, these won’t be easy due to the presence of obstacles which are an integral part of challenges. These factors make the game more interesting and challenging.

There are different obstacles that require different solutions for you to pass through. One example is the spider webs. That said, here’s how you can get rid of spider webs in the game!

How to Destroy Spider Webs

Where to Find Spider Webs

During your early game in Hogwarts Legacy, one of the first obstacles that you will encounter are the spider webs.

Usually, seeing some spider webs around will signify that there is danger coming your way if you happen to go straight past it. On the other hand, this will also indicate that some deadly spiders are in there.

To get past it, you have to use some magic to remove it.

Where to Find Spider Webs 1

Source: GosuNoob

The magic spell that you can always use in order for you to remove the gigantic spider webs is the Incendio spell.

Where to Find Spider Webs 2

Source: GosuNoob

To remove it, simply cast Incendio on the spider web to melt it right away.

Aside from the spider web, it will also be effective to be used in defeating the spiders that live around here.

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