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How to Defeat the Poachers in Hogwarts Legacy

Defeat the Poachers after you have tracked them down.

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How to Defeat the Poachers in Hogwarts Legacy

You can encounter many enemies in Hogwarts Legacy, from Dark Wizards and Goblins to aggressive magical beings and many more.

In one of the many quests available in the game, one such enemy you will encounter is the Poachers. If you’re struggling to defeat them, this guide is for you.

How to Defeat the Poachers

How to Defeat the Poachers

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One of the objectives in the Fire and Vice quest is to defeat the Poachers in the area where you will find a Chained Dragon.

You can reach this area after investigating Horntail Hall and collecting the Dragon Egg.

How to Defeat the Poachers 1

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You can use any spell in this battle, but you should always have Levioso to levitate enemies and stop them from attacking.

You can even use an Unspeakable Curse like Crucio if you want.

After reaching this area, you will encounter 7 enemies: two Goblin Loyalist Warriors, three Poacher Trackers, and two Poacher Rangers.

Don’t be intimidated by the number of enemies you need to defeat. Besides, Poppy Sweeting will provide assistance to help you defeat them easily.

Additionally, you will receive Dueling Feats that give you additional XP for level up.

How to Defeat the Poachers 2

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As soon as you enter their camp, you will notice two Poachers on the top.

Defeat them first, as they can cast Levioso which can make you vulnerable to enemy attacks if you get hit. Defeat the Goblin Loyalist Warriors next, then the remaining Poachers.

Defeating the Boss

Defeating the Boss

Source: Sipder

After defeating every enemy, a Poacher Animagus will appear alongside new enemies.

Like the previous strategy, attack the Poachers on the top first. After that, defeat the Poacher Animagus to wipe out the remaining Poachers.

After defeating all enemies, you will receive the last objective to complete the quest.

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