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How to Defeat the Leviathan Boss in Chapter 6 | Dead Space Remake

Learn how you can defeat the massive Leviathan boss.

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How to Defeat the Leviathan Boss in Chapter 6 Dead Space Remake

There are tons of enemy types that you will encounter in Dead Space Remake. They can be enemies with elongated blade-like arms or enemies that rush toward you and then explode.

Meanwhile, some bosses can be tougher to defeat than most.

One of the bosses you will encounter is the Leviathan. This is going to be a tough fight, and we will show you how to beat it.

Leviathan Boss Guide, Chapter 6

Leviathan Boss Guide Chapter 6

Source: Guides Gamepressure

In Chapter 6 Environmental Hazard, in the Food Storage, you will encounter the Leviathan boss.

It is a huge mass of flesh that covers an entire room and attacks with either its mouth or tentacles. There are three phases to this fight. Let’s look at each of them:

First Phase

First Phase

Source: Guides Gamepressure

The Leviathan will attack you using its tentacles, and you must avoid it once it strikes.

Upon successfully dodging the attack, quickly shoot or use Kinesis on a red container and throw it towards the bumps on the tentacle.

First Phase 1

Source: Guides Gamepressure

It will be indicated by an orange glow. It will start the next phase when you destroy all the tentacles.

Second Phase

Second Phase 3

Source: Guides Gamepressure

Once you have dealt enough damage, the Leviathan will open its mouth and spit projectiles toward you. You can use Kinesis to throw the projectiles back to the boss.

You can also use your weapons to target the mouth of the boss when it is wide opened.

Third Phase

Third Phase

This will be the last phase, and you will know when toxic hazards will appear in the room. This time, the Leviathan will attack you with its tentacles and mouth.

Additionally, you will start to lose oxygen, so you will need to defeat the Leviathan fast. Focus on attacking the mouth, as it is Leviathan’s main weak spot.

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