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How to Defeat the Ghost King in Dark and Darker

Follow this guide to learn how to defeat this deadly boss

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How to Defeat the Ghost King in Dark and Darker 1

Dark and Darker features dungeons to explore, monsters to fight, and loot to collect. It is an RPG game that is well-loved by the long-time RPG community and features multiplayer for groups to play. One of the bosses that you have to face in this game is the Ghost King.

This boss is famously known as one of the more difficult bosses to beat in this game. With this guide, you will devise an effective strategy to defeat the Ghost King.

How to Defeat the Ghost King

1. Eliminate the monster lava first

Eliminate the monster lava first
Image source: Krazyflipz

The Lava Monsters are stationed at opposite ends of the room and can deal substantial damage through its Area of Effect attacks. You must eliminate these two monsters first as they will not distract and overwhelm you.

To eliminate the Lava monster near the entrance, you will need to aggro the room and leave it immediately to reset it.

If you face the lava monster right away, it will be immune to damage. This will also allow you to isolate the first lava monster before focusing on the second one, and avoiding the ghost king at the same time.

In case you accidentally awaken the ghost king, a debuff will stack over each other, if this debuff reaches 30, the ghost king can instantly kill you and your party. To avoid this, just leave the room so the debuff will reset.

2. Avoid The Ghost King’s Jumping Attack

The Ghost king has a specific attack where it launches in the air, hovers for a few seconds, and instantly slams to the floor. This area of effect attack can deal a great deal of damage to you and your party.

To avoid this attack, observe the white sparks on the Ghost King when it hovers in the air. Once you see these white sparks, ready your jump key as you will need to jump before it hits the ground. Doing so will avoid the damage from the Ghost King hitting the ground.

Avoid The Ghost Kings Jumping Attack
Image source: Krazyflipz

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