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How to Defeat the Forest Troll in Hogwarts Legacy

Even the biggest trolls can be easy to take down.




How to Defeat the Forest Troll in Hogwarts Legacy

One of the most known enemies that exist even in the Harry Potter books is the troll. Their big body and grumpy face while holding a club won’t surely slip from your memory.

You can also find them in the game in different versions, one of which is the Forest Troll. In this guide, we’ll focus on defeating a Forest Troll and where you can find it.

Where to Find a Forest Troll

Where to Find a Forest Troll

Source: FP Good Game

Forest trolls are known to have high defenses alongside the ability to deliver heavy, powerful blows. However, their attack pattern can be easily read.

They usually use forehand and backhand swings with their club. Albeit slow, they can deal a lot of damage and can even pierce through normal shields.

How to Defeat a Forest Troll

How to Defeat a Forest Troll 1

Source: FP Good Game

Given that forest trolls deal heavy damage that can break your normal shields, the best thing you can do when fighting them is to dodge.

How to Defeat a Forest Troll 2

Source: FP Good Game

Another common thing that a Forest Troll does is throw big chunks of rocks at you. What you can do here is cast either Accio or Levioso, and throw it back at the troll.

This technique can also sometimes disarm the troll’s club when hit. You can take this opportunity to use Flipendo on its club and use it to hit the troll in the face instead.

How to Defeat a Forest Troll 3

Source: FP Good Game

Acting as your own bait also helps. Once you see that the troll is charging toward you, delay your dodge and immediately cast Confringo to release a continuous lighting strike after you cast any slowing spell.

Repeat this strategy, and you will be able to defeat the Forest Troll in no time.

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