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How to Defeat the Bird Boss in Forspoken

Climb on top of buildings to reach the Bird boss and take it down.

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How to Defeat the Bird Boss in Forspoken

In Athia, where Frey was transported, you will encounter many enemies ranging from monsters to mindless humans and many more.

One of the enemies you will encounter is The Bird, which is quite a massive boss. Luckily, it’s not that hard to take down, and we will show you how to defeat it.

How to Defeat the Bird Boss

How to Defeat the Bird Boss
Source: Release-Fire

In Chapter 11 of Forspoken, after returning back to reality, Frey will be in a weakened state. To become stronger again, you must defeat mini-bosses to regain your magic.

After defeating the Beast and the Brute, you will be able to retrieve Olas’s and Prav’s Magic, along with Frey’s. At this point, the next boss you will encounter is the Bird.

How to Defeat the Bird Boss 1
Source: Release-Fire

The Bird will stay in the air most of the time, so you must climb on top of the buildings to reach it. It is weak to Olas’s Magic, and your best attack option is Chain Bolt or Fan Bolt.

Chain Bolt is both fast and has a long range while Fan Bolt can deal damage in a wide area which can hit the Bird as it is flying around.

However, the range of Fan Bolt can’t reach the Bird if it is flying higher in the air.

How to Defeat the Bird Boss 2
Source: Release-Fire

You can also increase your damage by using the Inundation Support spell which increases your critical hit rate.

Additionally, you can use the Purple Support spell, Disperse, if the Bird gets close to you.

The Bird has low health, so you can defeat it quickly after a few charged Chain Bolts. Once you beat it, you will get Sila’s Magic back.

You can then continue following the guiding lights to the next destination.

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