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How to Defeat Recreant Knight – Forspoken

Take down this powerful opponent in the most efficient manner possible.




How to Defeat Recreant Knight Forspoken

As Frey continues her journey in the land of Athia, she will meet a lot of beasts that will try to take her down.

However, Forspoken is not all about Frey and beasts. It’s also about Frey against evil and powerful people.

One of the first formidable opponents that you have to face is the Recreant Knight sent by the powerful Tanta Sila. If you’re struggling to defeat it, this guide is for you.

How to Defeat Recreant Knight in Forspoken

How to Defeat Recreant Knight
Source: Release-Fire

The Recreant Knight is one of Tanta Sila’s minions which she used to threaten the people of the whole city by trying to burn it down.

This scenario will happen once you return Robian Keen to Cipal at the end of Chapter 3.

How to Defeat Recreant Knight 2
Source: Release-Fire

As you try to interfere, you will find yourself trapped inside a dome-like barrier which will reduce the space of your dodging.

This will greatly put the Recreant Knight at an advantage as it can fly up high and throw batches of burning stones.

It surely sounds difficult, but here are some tips to defeat it.

Use Your Movement

Use Your Movement
Source: Release-Fire

At the start of the fight, your automatic response would be to attack first. However, you will eventually find out that your enemy is highly resistant to magic attacks.

This means that all your skills will be less effective against it.

In that case, all you just have to do is keep moving inside this small space, and keep dodging all of its attacks.

Look for Its Weakness

Look for Its Weakness

Even though this enemy seems to be a tough one, it still has its own weakness. It turns out that its weakest spot is its wings.

So, keep in mind that you should lock on to its wings. If you manage to take out one of its wings, you will be able to deal great damage.

Keep It In Place

Keep It In Place

As explained earlier, the Recreant Knight has wings that allow it to easily dodge all of your attacks despite not dealing any damage. Due to this, it will be difficult for you to accurately target the wings.

In order to do that, use your bind spell to trap the enemy. Once it’s stuck in place, make sure to hit all your shots.

The Final Blow

The Final Blow

When the Recreant Knigh finally loses both of its wings, use your spells that have high magic damage such as Genesis and Tendril.

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