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How to Defeat Kingtusk Kemono – Wild Hearts

Learn how to face one of the biggest beasts in the game.




How to Defeat Kingtusk Kemono Wild Hearts

If you are up for a very challenging task in Wild Hearts, then you must try fighting with the Kemono that resides in Azuma.

No matter how strong your character is and how swiftly you move in the battlegrounds, battling with these beasts will still require you to go as a party.

This is especially if you are about to hunt the Kingtusk. Don’t worry though, as we’ll show you how to defeat it in this guide.

How to Defeat Kingtusk Kemono

How to Defeat the Kingtusk Kemono

So far, the Kingtusk Kemono is the largest beast you can encounter. However, its massive size makes it slow, and that’s something you can capitalize on.

Despite that, it’s a big mistake to underestimate it as it can finish you off in one successful hit or two.

We recommend bringing lots of Healing Water as each hit will take a huge chunk off your HP. That said, the fight takes place in various locations, and here’s what you should do.

Go to Spring-Call Shrine Remains

Go to Spring Call Shrine Remains

Source: LunarGaming Guides

To locate Kingtusk, head over to Spring-Call Shrine Remains. There, you will see a gigantic creature with a lot of twig-like structure around its body.

You can start the fight by initiating the first attack. This will prompt the Kemono to automatically fight back.

Given that the Kingtusk has extreme defense since it is a two-star beast, you have to do your best in landing accurate shots. If possible, use your charged attacks to deal greater damage.

Go to Spring Call Shrine Remains 1

Source: LunarGaming Guides

During the earlier stages of the fight, the Kingtusk will throw boulders at you. Once you notice it’s charging for the throw, take that opportunity to spam your attacks and skills on it.

When it pops out its head from the earth, quickly move away to dodge the boulders as they will deal great damage.

Go to Spring Call Shrine Remains 2

Source: LunarGaming Guides

When Kingtusk receives enough damage, it will get knocked off. Once it happens, take the opportunity to land as much damage as possible to whittle down its HP.

Chase to the Great Sakura Clearing

Chase to the Great Sakura Clearing

Now that the Kingtusk is severely damaged, brace yourselves for more aggressive attacks. Before that, follow the beast as it runs toward the Great Sakura Clearing.

Since the beast is now even more aggressive than before, make sure to observe the distance first as it will now perform a wide AoE attack by slamming the ground and going berserk. It will also move more furiously and will tackle you and your teammates more frequently.

In this case, you can make yourself – or whoever is the target is – act as the bait while the others go all out attacking it.

Head to Rustling Bamboo Grove

Head to Rustling Bamboo Grove

Kingtusk will then move to another location; this time, it’s at the Rustling Bamboo Grove. By this time, you have to prepare yourself as you will see an evolved version of the beast.

Head to Rustling Bamboo Grove 1

Kingtusk will now have the ability to summon large branches from the ground which can also deal damage upon hitting.

Moreover, Kingtusk’s attacks will also deal significantly more damage. At this time, you want to make sure to avoid its attacks as you can. If you take a huge chunk of damage, make sure to use your Healing Water immediately.

Go to Nanohana Hill

Go to Nanohana Hill

Once Kingtusk reaches its final phase, it will move toward Nanohana Hill. This time, you can expect the sprouting branches to spawn more frequently.

This only means that you have to pay more attention to the ground.

Since Kingtusk already has low HP at this point, knocking it down will be much easier. Just be mindful of its attacks and apply the same tactics you use earlier to finally bring it down.

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