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How to Defeat Altered Ilingoceros Boss in Forspoken

Let’s look at the most effective way to beat the Altered Ilingoceros.




How to Defeat Altered Ilingoceros Boss in Forspoken

In Forspoken, you will encounter many enemies. While there are many smaller enemies that will provide some challenge, you will occasionally run into large bosses.

These bosses will require your full attention if you want to take them down.

One boss that many players might have trouble defeating is the Altered Ilingoceros. This large moose-like creature appears in the overworld and has many intimidating moves that will require some time to get the hang of.

The Altered Ilingoceros also has many hard-hitting moves that will take off a considerable amount of your health.

If you are having trouble taking down the Altered Ilingoceros, here is a quick guide to help you out!

How to Defeat Altered Ilingoceros

How to Defeat Altered Ilingoceros

Source: Manugames92

The Altered Ilingoceros’ move set consists mostly of charging at you and pouncing at you. While his charge is pretty easy to dodge, his pounce has area-of-effect properties which will send out a small shockwave.

The shockwave will no doubt get some easy hits on you if you don’t keep your distance.

How to Defeat Altered Ilingoceros 1

Speaking of which, the most effective way to take down the Altered Ilingoceros is to keep your distance.

Use your shot and always stay a generous distance away from him so you can avoid his attacks. However, it won’t always be enough.

When he pounces, you have to time your dash to ensure you dodge both the pounce and the ensuing shockwave.

The main key to victory is patience. Getting up close to the Altered Ilingoceros will spell an early defeat. Keep your distance, pick your shots, and dodge consistently.

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