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How to Complete Crossed Wands Quest in Hogwarts Legacy

Become the best dueler at Hogwarts by completing this quest!




How to Complete Crossed Wands Quest in Hogwarts Legacy

In Hogwarts Legacy, there are a lot of additional quests you can take on when you aren’t completing chapters for the main game.

Cross Wands is one such quest that sees you entering the school’s dueling club, a club that sees students of the school battle to see who is the best dueler.

Once you have completed this quest, you can return to the dueling club and go up against better duelers.

However, this quest is only available to those who have already finished a quest in the main game called Defence Against The Dark Arts Class.

Here’s how you can complete it.

Go to the Summoner’s Courtboard

Go to the Summoners Courtboard

Source: PowerPyx

To beat this quest, you need to win against the other duelers you are paired up against, but you’ll have to find the club first.

To find the dueling club, go to the point marked on the map shown above. Once you have arrived, talk to Lucan Brattleby who is the organizer of the duel.

Lucan will pair you with another student, which will change based on who recommended you to the club in the first place.

Beat the Students in the Duel

Beat the Students in the Duel

Source: Sipder

After being paired up with a partner and opponents, the duel begins. To win the duel, use Levioso to break their shield, then use your basic attack spell to defeat them.

Once you have won, a cutscene will start. And there you have it; you have completed the Crossed Wands quest!

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