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How to Clear 11-30 Stage in EverSoul

Get help from a friend to help you clear the stage.

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How to Clear 11 30 Stage in EverSoul

In the later stages of EverSoul’s campaign, you will face more difficult enemies. One of those stages is 11-30 where you will encounter a team with two healers and an SS tier Warrior that might one-shot your units.

We made this guide to help you clear the stage.

Preparing to Clear 11-30 Stage in EverSoul

Preparing to Clear 11 30 Stage in EverSoul

Source: XuitedGamer

You will encounter these enemy Souls in stage 11-30: Dora, Catherine, Prim, Adrianne, and Cherrie.

It would be best if you had your Defender survive the onslaught of Dora as much as possible while dealing damage and defeating the enemy within 1 and 30 minutes.

The minimum CP you need to challenge this stage is 150,000. If you do not reach it, do not attempt to clear this stage.

You can use the Hire Soul in the Friend List to find a character to increase your CP. For example, if you have a friend with a Chloe with a higher CP, hire that Chloe for your team.

Your team should be composed of 2 Healers, 1 Caster, 1 Defender, and 1 Crowd control. An example of a crowd control character is the Caster, Naiah.

For the Healers, you can use Talia and Catherine. Use Chloe for Defender, then Vivienne for the Caster.

Clearing Stage 11-30 in EverSoul

Clearing Stage 11 30 in EverSoul

Source: XuitedGamer

The formation you must use is the Assault formation. Put Talia at the back and then put Chloe on the topmost part.

You will lose your Defender eventually, but the enemy team will have at most 3 units left. Once you reach this, they can easily be defeated by Vivienne’s attacks.

You might have to do this repeatedly as there is a bit of RNG involved, especially for crits. Rely on Naiah’s CC to slow down the DPS of the enemy team, which is Dora, then hope that your characters crit.

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