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How to Clear 10-40 Stage in EverSoul

Stuck on a level? Here are tips on how to progress.




How to Clear 10 40 Stage in EverSoul

Since you have landed on this guide, you might also be stuck in stages 10 to 40 of EverSoul. You might also think that a lot of time has already been wasted after days of trying to grind these stages, but you can’t still wing it.

That being said, we made this guide to help you survive these stages as quickly as possible. In this article, we will not recommend totally changing your team lineups or even the factions to be used.

Instead, we will be mentioning the enemies that you will encounter, and how you should deal with them.

Clearing Stages 10-40 in EverSoul

Clearing Stages 10 40 in EverSoul

Source: Zeeebo Gaming

As mentioned earlier, this guide will not tell you to change your lineup entirely but to modify it. It is expected that you already have your main units in which you have invested the artifacts and keepsakes.

However, we would want you to review the list of the units you have.

In order for you to compete in these stages, you must have units with the following roles: taunt/reposition, DPS/AOE, DPS/Assassin, Heal/Boost, and a Frontline Tank.

Enemy Team

Enemy Team

Source: Zeeebo Gaming

Looking at the enemy team, on the other hand, we can see Adrianne, Talia, Naiah, and Ayame. These three units clearly make a good team synergy which makes it really hard to surpass them.

Adrianne is in the team tank role, and Ayame and Naiah are both the team caster–a DoT dealer, and a Crowd Controller respectively.

Lastly, Talia is in the supporter role which gives buffs and heals to the teammates.

Enemy Team 1

That being said, when engaging, you have to deal first with the two units, specifically Ayame and Talia. Once they are both down, it will leave Adrianne and Naiah on the team.

Although Adrianne has a great defense, she is not that powerful every time she lands an attack. In terms of positioning your units, place the melee and tanky ones in front to block Adrianne’s hook, and easily target Talia.

Your tank should be placed in the back lane, and once it uses its taunt ability, Talia will be drawn nearer the attack range of your melee units.

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