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How to Catch a Jobberknoll (Location) in Hogwarts Legacy

Rescue and care for the Jobberknoll!




How to Catch a Jobberknoll Location in Hogwarts Legacy

The world of Harry Potter is filled with many strange and wonderful creatures, many of which you can interact with throughout your experience.

One quest that sees you interacting with creatures is The Elf, the Nab-Sack, and the Loom. Part of this quest requires you to catch a Jobberknoll.

You are first introduced to this quest by Deek in the Room of Requirement after he shows you the nab-sack. This guide will show you how to catch a Jobberknoll using the item.

Where to Find the Jobberknoll

Where to Find the Jobberknoll

Source: LunarGuides Gaming

Wherever there are magical creatures, there are always Poachers nearby, so be sure to stock up on essentials and be prepared to fight.

To find the Jobberknoll, you must head to its den shown on the map above. This is close to the north bog entrance northwest of Hogwarts.

Catching the Jobberknoll

Catching the Jobberknoll

Source: LunarGuides Gaming

After you have made your way to the den, you will see Jobberknolls flying all around. You can slow them down by using Levioso and catch them using the Nab-Sack right after.

A quick-time event will then pop up. Once you have completed it, you will have caught the Jobberknoll.

Completing this quest will award you with a Vivarium where you can keep your rescued beasts. From this point on, you can also use the magical material for beasts you care for.

Finally, Deek will give you a spellcraft for an Enchanted Loom which you can use to enhance clothing with magical materials.

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