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How to Capture Sectors Guide – Company of Heroes 3

Capture sectors in order to gain tactical advantage during battles.

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How to Capture Sectors Guide Company of Heroes 3

In Company of Heroes 3, you need to capture certain sectors of the enemy’s base to control land and ultimately gain the upper hand in battles.

However, capturing a sector is no easy task, as it involves certain strategies to safely secure enemy territory.

This guide will teach you how to do it easily.

How to Capture Sectors in Company of Heroes 3

How to Capture Sectors
Source: Helping Hans

To capture a sector, you simply have to highlight a group of units and right-click the sector you want to capture.

Once your units are in the capture zone, it will take a certain time for the zone to be captured. After you have captured the zone, the color will change to the color of your team.

Since you are standing in the open to capture the zone, here are a few tips that you should remember to maximize your sector-capturing skills:

Don’t Stand in the Center

Dont Stand in the Center
Source: Helping Hans

Even if you put just one unit on the edge of the circle, you will still be able to capture the sector. Don’t stand in the center of the point as it will take more time for you to retreat in the event of an ambush.

Since your infantry is on the edge, they can also move to the next sector immediately.

Build Cover and Traps While Capturing

Build Cover and Traps While Capturing
Source: Helping Hans

Another tip to ensure your infantry doesn’t die is to build cover and traps while capturing.

Instead of standing idly, use your infantries to build sandbags and barbed wire to increase your chances of capturing the point. You could also plant landmines to further your defenses.

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