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How to Capture High-Grade Pets in BLESS GLOBAL

Here’s how you can capture a high-grade pet in BLESS GLOBAL!




How to Capture High Grade Pet in BLESS GLOBAL

BLESS GLOBAL is a massive-multiplayer online game with a medieval fantasy setting and an immersive aesthetic. The world depicted within the game is wondrous and magical, enabling the player to participate in grand stories.

Pets are a large part of the experience in the game. Players are all after high-grade pets that can help improve their experience.

That said, if you are hunting for an elusive high-grade pet, here is a quick guide on how to do so.

Acquire a Capturing Item

Acquire a Capturing Item

Source: IceXgame

Before you can start capturing pets, you will first need a capturing item. One of the more popular items for capturing is Hunter’s Holy Lasso, a magical lasso that improves your chances of capturing a pet.

To acquire the lasso, you can either purchase it in a shop in the diamond market, through a daily quest, or in one of the game’s online packs. 

Head Over to Pet Island

Head Over to Pet Island

Source: IceXgame

Once you have acquired Hunter’s Holy Lasso, head over to Pet Island. After you have headed to the island, it will be announced that there is a pet on the map.

All you have to do is check the map and find the pet, then attempt to capture it. It will take a few tries to find a high-grade pet, but before long, if you follow these steps, you will run into one.

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