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How to Build Defensive Walls in Sons of the Forest

Protect yourself from mutants and cannibals by building strong structures.




How to Build Defensive Walls in Sons of the Forest

Defensive walls are one of the many useful structures you can build in Sons of the Forest. These walls allow you to protect yourself from random attacks by the many hostiles on the island.

This makes them a crucial structure when building a base, especially after Day 7.

In this guide, we’ll teach you how you can build defensive walls in the game.

How to Build Defensive Walls in Sons of the Forest

How to Build Defensive Walls

To build a defensive wall, you first need to collect logs.

Logs are easy to get. All you need to do is chop trees using an axe. Since you start the game with a Tactical Axe, you should be ready to go from the start.

Other axes might get the job done faster, though. You can also order Kelvin to collect logs for you, which can speed up the process if you work together.

How many logs you need will depend on how long you wish to make the wall. Generally, I recommend around 7 logs for each wall.

How to Build Defensive Walls 1

Once you have your logs, grab them and look at the floor where you wish to start your wall. By default, you place logs horizontally.

To place logs vertically, press right click until you see a circle instead.

Now, press left click and you will put the log where the circle is. Get another log and put it next to the one you just placed. Keep doing this until you have a full wall.

How to Build Defensive Walls 2

Additionally, you should be able to create a defensive gate by placing a log horizontally in a defensive wall 7 logs long. The recipe is visible in your Guide Book.

However, this feature seems to be unimplemented or glitched as of this writing. Hopefully, the developers will fix this issue soon.

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