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How to Build a Hunter’s Tent (Fast Travel) in Wild Hearts

Create a Hunter’s Tent so you can fast travel!




How to Build a Hunters Tent Fast Travel in Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts has a large, open world to explore, allowing you to travel great distances to find new, more powerful beasts to take down.

But since the world is so large, walking from one place to another quickly becomes impractical.

Luckily, there is an option to fast travel as long as you have gone to the spot you are fast traveling to.

You’ll also have to complete the game’s tutorial section, unblock a Dragon pit on the map, and create a Hunter’s Tent. This guide will show you how to build a Hunter’s Tent!

Building a Hunter’s Tent

Building a Hunters Tent


Once you have made it to a safe area and unblocked a Dragon pit on the map, you can use the location as a safe space and create a Hunter’s Tent, allowing you to fast-travel whenever you please.

To create a Hunter’s Tent, open your crafting menu and select it. You’ll need to find a spot where there is enough room, which is represented by the outline prior to creating it.

After you have found a suitable spot for it, place it down, and you now have a fast travel point.

Using the Hunter’s Tent

Using the Hunters Tent


After you have created the Hunter’s Tent, you can choose the point on the map where you created it and return to it whenever you want.

This provides a much easier experience than walking across the entire map every time you need to craft something or repair your gear.

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