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How to Build a Home in Dysterra

The best place to build your home in Dysterra is near where you spawn.




How to Build a Home in Dysterra

Dysterra, a fresh new future survival game developed by Kakao Games and Reality MagiQ, has just been released on Steam Early Access. The world you’ll be dropping into has been devastated, but you’ll be crafting, building, and fighting to survive.

Dysterra offers players a variety of server options, including PvE, co-op, and competitive play so that they can customize their experience.

Dysterra: How to Build a Home

Dysterra How to Build a Home
Source: C4edus Gaming

In a survival shooter game like Dysterra, building your home should be one of your top priorities as soon as you spawn. After all, this is where you store your items, cook food, and respawn when you die.

If you’re having a hard time building a home because you don’t know how, don’t worry. In this guide, we’ll be showing you how to make a home in Dysterra.

Building a Home

Building a Home
Source: C4edus Gaming

As soon as you spawn in the game, look for the area indicated on the map above. You can find a lot of resources here, and there are almost no monsters, making it the perfect place to build your home.

Once you’ve reached the place, start collecting Terrasite, Stones, and Metal. You will need many of these resources to build your foundation, walls, and other things you need for your home. 

These resources spawn periodically in the area, so you don’t have to move to another place and risk encountering strong monsters. If you already have the materials, start building the foundation first, and then the walls, until you create a simple starter home.

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