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How to Build a Campfire in Wild Hearts

It’s always easier and better with friends!




How to Build a Campfire in Wild Hearts

Thanks to Wild Hearts’ multiplayer features, hunters may aid each other in combat and help take down formidable beasts in the game.

Even though there are multiplayer options, many players are confused about how to play multiplayer in Wild Hearts owing to a lack of instructions throughout the tutorial.

One of the ways you can join multiplayer is by interacting with a Campfire.

This guide will teach you how to build a Campfire to activate multiplayer.

Building a Campfire

Building a Campfire 1

Source: LunarGaming Guides

​​The first, and possibly the most straightforward, way to play with friends is interacting with the Campfire at your selected campsite.

This allows you to play online with your friends and defeat enemies more easily.

You can place Campfires wherever you like; simply hit the button to open the Dragon Karakuri menu and start a Campfire.

Building a Campfire

Source: LunarGaming Guides

Relax next to the Campfire and click “Play Online,” then you can either search for or create a session.

Additionally, you can enter a specific criterion, what monsters you want to battle, how you want to fight them, language, and so on to search for any relevant lobbies you can join.

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