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How to Become a Witch in Hogwarts Legacy | Use of Dark Magic

Become a Witch and cast dark magic in Hogwarts Legacy!




How to Become Witch in Hogwarts Legacy Use of Dark Magic

Hogwarts Legacy offers a high degree of character customization. You can change how your character looks, what house they are in, their stats, and whether they’re a pure wizard or a dark witch.

These moral decisions may affect the plot of the game, providing different paths based on your decisions.

However, we know that being a witch will allow you to cast dark magic, including the three unforgivable curses.

If you want to embrace the dark side, here is a quick guide showing you how!

How to Become a Witch

How to Become a Witch

Source: Wiz Plays

To embrace the dark arts in the Hogwarts Legacy, you have two options:

The first option is to take the Sebation Salos Dark Legacy quest. In this quest, you have the opportunity to learn Crucio which is one of the three unforgivable curses.

This is believed to be the inciting incident that will put you on the path to the dark arts, with other curses being learned as you progress down this path.

However, going down this path will lead to a darker outcome for your character and could give you a bad ending.

How to Become a Witch 1

Source: Wiz Plays

The other option is to go into the dark arts battle arena, which comes with the Deluxe edition of the game but can be bought afterward if you purchase the Standard edition.

In this mode, you can practice combat, including the dark arts, and it won’t affect the overall story.

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