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How to Beat PeeWee in BLACKTAIL

The bosses within BLACKTAIL are some of the most challenging portions of the game, with PeeWee the Dragon being no different. Here is a quick guide on how to be the dragon!




How to Beat PeeWee in BLACKTAIL 1

BLACKTAIL is a newly released archy-based first-person shooter that has the player battle through the mystical origins of Baba Yaga, the witch in the woods from Slavic mythology.

Throughout the game, you play as the young Baba Yaga as she attempts to search for her missing sister. Enemies, plants, and various monsters stand between you and your search, with a boss fight proceeding every quest chapter.

These are typically the most challenging portions of the game and will test all of the skills you learned up to that point.

Following one of the quest chapters, you have to fight against Peewee the Dragon, and some players struggle to complete the task. Here is a quick guide that entails how to beat Peewee the Dragon.

Find and Start the Fight with Pee Wee

Find and Start the Fight with Pee Wee
Source: Gaming With Midnite

At the end of the There Be Dragons quest given out by Borvy and Jack, you will encounter PeeWee, one of the first bosses of the game.

To start the fight, interact with Knight, Rebel, and Spy, after which you will meet Twigg, the mushroom. Twigg will guide you into the pit and tell you to jump in, where you will find Peewee the Dragon and the fight begins.

Fighting PeeWee

Fighting PeeWee
Source: Gaming With Midnite

PeeWee the Dragon attacks you with large honey balls that explode on impact, creating an area of effect. Throughout the area, you’ll find large stones that you can hide behind to escape the blasts and bide your time until you can safely attack.

Standard arrows will not affect PeeWee. Instead, to defeat PeeWee, you must collect honey from around the cave, then deposit it into one of the two Honey Geysers in front of you.

These Honey Geysers act similarly to trebuchets and will shoot honey at Peewee the Dragon, which will chip away at his health.

After you have taken enough health from PeeWee, Will-o’-Wisps will start coming out of the nests on each side of the room. You can use Sticky Arrows to seal their nests to avoid taking damage.

Once PeeWee is defeated, you can either kill or spare him. Regardless of what you choose, your decision will affect your Morality. Completing this mission unlocks the fishing rod and you the Lost Page for the Sticky Arrows recipe.

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