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How to Beat Battle Stage 8-35 in EverSoul

Struggling to reach battle stage 8-35? This quick guide will help you.




How to Beat Battle Stage 8 35 in EverSoul

EverSoul is an anime-inspired mobile game that has you summoning Souls from 6 different factions, each with exclusive skills and battle animations.

After collecting Souls, you can form your optimum Soul squad, consisting of the different Souls you collected, with the most optimal team builds being the path to victory. You must also use faction advantages and party buffs to win while exploring new formations to keep a leg up on enemies.

Though the game is an auto-battler, some skill is involved if you want to reach the higher levels. If you are unable to beat battle stage 8-35, here is a quick guide to doing so with ease.

Find Other Dedicated Players

Find Other Dedicated Players

Source: Clint Wulf – The Mobile Messiah

If you are struggling in the upper levels, one of the easiest ways to make it past them is with some powerful friends. To progress in this game, you are going to want some strong friends in your friends list that can help you reach the never level.

Ideally, you want friends with developed units or even possibly an Angel unit.

User Catherine’s Passive Skill

User Catherines Passive Skill

Source: Clint Wulf – The Mobile Messiah

Catherine, an enemy in battle stage 8-35, has an ‘Immune to Damage’ buff which is triggered a second after your other teams use their main skills.

Timing your attacks around this buff is integral to winning the stage.

Go into Manual Battle

Go into Manual Battle

Source: Clint Wulf – The Mobile Messiah

While the game is an auto battler, there is a manual battle mode that is essential for hard battles, including battle stage 8-35.

By manually battling, you can wait until Catherine’s Immune to Damage buff is not active to make your attack and ensure you get full damage.

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