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How to Activate the PEC-4 Birchtree – Atomic Heart

Who knows all you need were some tiny glowing orbs?

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How to Activate the PEC 4 Birchtree Atomic Heart

One of the quests you can encounter in Atomic Heart is In Hot Pursuit. This one involves a handful of objectives.

One such task requires you to activate the PEC-4 Birchtree to progress further into the story. Here’s how you can do that.

Activating the PEC-4 Birchtree in Atomic Heart

Activating the PEC 4 Birchtree
Source: Trophy Tom

To activate the Birchtree, all you need to do is gather two orbs and place them into their respective switches. You can find the orbs in two different locations.

The first orb can be found beside the corpse of a soldier in the storage room. In case you’re having trouble finding it, it is also beside a forklift.

Activating the PEC 4 Birchtree 1
Source: Trophy Tom

Once you get the orb, bring it to its compartment near the Birchtree.

Do your best to avoid getting hit by the vehicles driving about. There will also be a drone or two nearby, so prepare to take them out as well

After placing the first orb in its compartment, it’s time to get the second one. You can find it on the platform of one of the entrances of the room. Just go up the staircase to immediately find it.

Once you have gotten the second orb, place it into its respective compartment the same way you did the first one. This will then activate the Birchtree and complete the objective.

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