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Honkai Star Rail: What is Speed and How to Increase it

Learn all about the Speed mechanic in Honkai Star Rail.

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Honkai Star Rail What is Speed and How to Increase it

Stats have always been a part of RPGs, and some characters scale to a specific stat to make them even stronger. Honkai: Star Rail also has several stats, one of which is Speed.

Speed in Honkai: Star Rail is a stat that exists in both your characters and enemies. But what is it about? Let’s find out!

What is the Speed Stat

What is the Speed Stat 1

Source: Lily Aquina

Honkai: Star Rail is a turn-based game, so it’s not surprising for it to have the Speed stat. That said, all characters and enemies have a specific Speed stat before a battle starts.

This is a stat that determines who attacks first. In other words, characters with a high Speed stat will tend to make the move first.

What is the Speed Stat 2

Source: Lily Aquina

You’ll find this in the upper left corner of the screen when you enter a battle. The character with the highest Speed will be shown at the top.

Besides, it is a number that represents the difference between each character and enemy speed, with the one at the top.

How to Increase Speed

How to Increase Speed

Source: Lily Aquina

There are times when your enemies have a higher Speed stat than your characters. This will mean you will only get your turn after your enemy finishes, making it a bit disadvantageous for you.

How to Increase Speed 1

Luckily, there are ways to improve that. One of them is to make your characters faster than your enemies with the help of buffs and debuffs.

A good example of this is to have Astra on your team. Astra is a 4-star support who can increase the Speed of her allies with her Astral Blessing Ultimate.

How to Increase Speed 2

After using Astra’s Ultimate, you will see that the characters below the enemies previously are now ahead of them.

Finally, if you have enough Speed stacked to a character, there is a chance that you can skip enemies’ turns, making it a one-sided slaughter.

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