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Honkai Star Rail: Best DPS Characters to Play

These characters have the highest damage output in the game.

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Honkai Star Rail Best DPS Characters to Play

Honkai: Star Rail is a 3D game developed by HoYoverse. Like the other games HoYoverse developed and published, Honkai: Star Rail also features gacha mechanics.

This means that the characters in the game will come in various rarities. In addition to that, each character also has a specific role.

In this guide, we’ll go through 4-star characters and show you the best DPS characters among them.

Best 4-Star DPS Characters to Get

Best 4 Star DPS Characters to Get

Source: EODGamer

Honkai: Star Rail is a turn-based game, and similar to other games, it is hard to obtain materials to build your characters.

As you start the game, you will have no 5-star characters, and if you do have the chance to get one, it will be random. So if you want a solid DPS character, you’ll want to focus on these 4-star DPS characters instead.



Source: EODGamer

The first character on our list is Sushang, a 4-star physical DPS who uses a sword and is from the Hunt path.

The Hunt is one of a character’s seven paths in the game. Characters who belong to this path have high base speed and can deal heavy single-target damage, making them excellent against boss battles.

Sushang is an agile character who’s actually a bit versatile. You can put her in a physical, speed, or team that needs extra damage.

The only downside to Sushang is that she is not easy to obtain, as you need to roll for her because she is not included in the free 4-stars.

Dan Heng

Dan Heng

Source: EODGamer

The second on our list is the 4-star wind DPS, Dan Heng. Like Sushang, Dan Heng belongs to the Hunt path, which means he is excellent at dealing single-target damage and has a high base speed.

In addition, he has the Wind element which uses one of the most broken sets in the game, the Eagle of Twilight Line set. This allows you to get more SPD which helps determine your action order in battle.

In the late game, you can also turn Dan Heng into a debuffing unit, as each time he crits, he applies a speed debuff to your enemies.

He is also a free starter character which makes him F2P-friendly.



As you’ve all been waiting for, the best 4-star DPS in the game is Herta, an Ice DPS from the Erudition path.

Characters in the Erudition path are masters of AoE damage.

That said, Herta is one of the most broken characters in the game due to her follow-up AoE skill which triggers if an enemy’s HP reaches below 50%.

In addition, if another enemy gets below 50% while doing the skill, she will do the attack again, making her the best 4-star DPS in the game.

The best part is that you can obtain her for free by simply doing the story quest.

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