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Hogwarts Legacy: Wizard Field Guide | Everything You Need to Know

Track your progress using the Wizard Field in Hogwarts Legacy!




Hogwarts Legacy Wizard Field Guide Everything You Need to Know

The Wizard’s Field Guide is a book in Hogwarts Legacy that helps students “catch up” on their studies.

This book is where players log all kinds of exciting knowledge or facts about their surroundings and unlock challenges, giving the game’s gameplay and narrative value.

You can get one from the Deputy Headmistress, Matilda Weasley, who will lend your character one copy.

Check out this guide below to find out more about the Wizard’s Field Guide, including information on how to use it and how it works!

Wizard’s Field Guide

Wizards Field Guide

Source: Hogwarts Legacy

​​The Wizard’s Field Guide acts as the game’s pause menu and displays your character’s progress.

Here, you can see your level and nine diamonds, each leading to a different category.

The following categories can be accessed by clicking on their respective diamond:

  • Gear: shows a list of your equipped and unequipped gear
  • Map: shows a map of your current position
  • Inventory: shows a list of consumable items (potions, plants, etc.)
  • Quests: shows a list of your active and completed quests
  • Talents: shows all talents your character possesses
  • Owl Post: game’s messaging system
  • Collections: shows a list of your collections
  • Challenges: shows all the game’s challenges
  • Settings: opens the game’s settings

Since the game hasn’t been released yet, all information about the Wizard’s Field Guide is still subject to change.

That’s all you need to know about the Wizard Field in Hogwarts Legacy! We hope this guide helps you out once the game is released.

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