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Hogwarts Legacy: Where to Find Troll Bogeys Location for Descendo Spell

Check your world map to find Trolls and collect troll bogeys.

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Hogwarts Legacy Where to Find Troll Bogeys Location for Descendo Spell

Some of the spells in Hogwarts Legacy are used to deal with enemies while some are used for their utility.

You can obtain most spells by upgrading your talents, but you can also obtain some by completing certain quests. One such spell is the Descendo spell which requires you to collect a troll bogey.

We’ll show you where you can find them.

Troll Bogey Location

Troll Bogey Location

Source: Backseat Guides

The quest to obtain troll bogeys is called Professor Ona’s Assignment which is given to you by Professor Onai.

Troll Bogey Location 1

Source: Backseat Guides

To obtain troll bogey, you need to defeat a Troll and pick up its loot. Your Field Guide will not guide you for this quest, so you must use the world map.

Open your map and find a Troll lair icon. If you can’t find one, head to the Feldcroft region instead.

You’ll find two Troll lairs near the region’s center, so choose which one you will fight.

Troll Bogey Location 2

Source: Backseat Guides

Once you defeat the Troll in its lair, it will drop 4 troll bogeys. You only need one to complete the quest though.

However, you can still use the extra troll bogeys to brew an Invisibility Potion.

Troll Bogey Location 3

Source: Backseat Guides

Once you’re done, your next objective is to use Depulso on a levitated enemy. To do this, find a random mob, cast Levioso on it first, then follow it up with Depulso.

Attend a Divination class during the day, then talk to Professor Onai to finish the quest and obtain the Descendo spell.

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