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Hogwarts Legacy: What Happens if You Sell the Watch

Is it even worth it to sell the watch in the Absconder Encounter quest?




Hogwarts Legacy What Happens if You Sell the Watch

The Acromantula is one of the most terrifying magical monsters in Harry Potter’s Wizarding World. They may grow to be quite large, and their venom is quite lethal.

You’ll have to confront one of them as part of the Absconder Encounter quest in Hogwarts Legacy.

It’s a grueling battle, and once you return the Heirloom to Edgar Adley, you’ll get two dialogue options. You can either offer the Heirloom or sell it.

But what happens if you choose to sell the watch instead? Let’s find out.

The Consequence of Selling the Watch

The Consequence of Selling the Watch 1

Source: LunarGaming Guides

After you defeated the Absconder and reclaimed the Heirloom, you must return to Edgar Adley. Notify him of your achievement, and he will be astounded and delighted that you were successful.

Now, you will have a choice between two dialogue options:

  • Here it is.
  • I’d like a reward.

You can give him the Heirloom without asking for anything in return (the “Here it is” conversation option), or you can ask him for something in exchange.

If you choose the former, he will be overjoyed and will award you 300 Galleons.

The Consequence of Selling the Watch 2

Source: LunarGaming Guides

However, if you select the latter, he will be surprised and explain that he intended to use the money to support the Hogwarts tuition of his departed friend’s child.

At this point, you may either back off (“Oh, then never mind”) or insist on something (“Maybe you can sell the watch.”).

If you hold tough and tell him you want the money, he will be understandably angry, but he will pay you 500 galleons.

Due to this decision, you will no longer be able to utilize his shop. That’s what happens if you sell the watch, so think wisely.

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