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Hogwarts Legacy: What Happens if You Keep the Astrolabe

It’s finders keepers, after all.




Hogwarts Legacy What Happens if You Keep the Astrolabe

The Lost Astrolabe is a quest in Hogwarts Legacy in which you must retrieve an Astrolabe, as the name suggests.

This will be given to you by Grace Pinch-Smedley, a student you’ll come across while standing on a lakeside pier. You can decide what to do with her Astrolabe once you’ve retrieved it.

In this quest, there are three different outcomes depending on your dialogue choice:

Should you give it to her without anything in exchange? Should you ask her for money? Or should you perhaps keep it for yourself?

Let’s find out if you choose the third option.

The Lost Astrolabe Quest

The Lost Astrolabe Quest

Source: LunarGaming Guides

As mentioned above, you will meet Grace Pinch-Smedley on the lake’s dock. She’ll tell you about her grandparents and their fascination with stars.

Unfortunately, you’ll also learn of their awful death at the lake’s bottom, and the Lost Astrolabe sank with them.

Grace will urge you to find it and bring it back to her since she has promised her father not to go into the lake. As with many other side quests in the game, you will be offered the option of returning the lost item you acquired.

As you return the Astrolabe, you will be given the following dialogue choices:

  • I did – here you are.
  • I did. And it’s yours – for a price.
  • I did. And I’m keeping it.

Unlike most other speech options in the game, there are some slight variances here. Grace will be eternally thankful if you return the Lost Astrolabe to her without asking for money, and you will get 180 XP.

The Lost Astrolabe Quest 1

Source: LunarGaming Guides

Meanwhile, she will offer you 20 gold and some XP if you ask for money. However, if you decide to keep it, Grace will be furious and disappointed.

In exchange, you will receive 45 XP and the Pinch-Smedley Family Astrolabe.

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