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Hogwarts Legacy: Well’s Treasure Map Location | Well Well Well Quest

Check the location in the Treasure Map to complete the quest.

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Hogwarts Legacy Wells Treasure Map Location Well Well Well Quest

If you are tired of playing the main story quest in Hogwarts Legacy or want to obtain cosmetics or Galleons, doing side quests is the way to go.

You can talk to some of the NPCs around Hogwarts to find out if they have a side quest for you or find a Treasure Map.

You can also complete a certain amount of side quests that will reward you with an achievement. One of them involves finding a treasure via the Well, Well, Well quest.

We’ll show you where to find it in this guide.

Where to Find the Treasure from Well’s Treasure Map

Where to Find the Treasure from Wells Treasure Map

Source: WoW Quests

Once you obtain the Treasure Map from the Well, open your inventory and go to the Quest Items section.

Select The Well’s Treasure Map and view it to find where the treasure is hidden.

Where to Find the Treasure from Wells Treasure Map 1

Source: HarryNinetyFour

The game will hint at the treasure being located in the southeast corner of the Feldcroft Region. Once you get there, you’ll find ruins all over the area.

Continue traversing until you cross a bridge. Look for a tree in the middle of a ruined building.

Where to Find the Treasure from Wells Treasure Map 2

Source: HarryNinetyFour

According to the treasure map, you can find the treasure chest at the tree’s roots. To obtain it, equip the levitation spell, Levioso, then use it on the tree to make it float. Doing so reveals the hidden chest.

Search the chest to obtain a Treasure: the Seeker’s Bicorne Hat and 400 Galleons.

This will also complete the Well, Well, Well side quest.

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