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Hogwarts Legacy: Wand Mistakes to Avoid | Wand Tips

There are mistakes you should avoid when picking a wand!




Hogwarts Legacy Wand Mistakes to Avoid Wand Tips

Hogwarts Legacy has a lot of customization options. In the game, you can change your physical appearance, which house you are in, and the wand you use.

However, once you have made these decisions and gone through the ceremonies introducing you to your house, you can no longer change them.

Due to this, you need to pick something you are going to enjoy for the entire duration of the game.

To ensure you end up with the wand you want, this guide will go over some mistakes you have to avoid.

How to Get the Best Wand for You

How to Get the Best Wand for You

If you want a different wand than what you are given, you can do so easily by going to the Wizarding World website and finishing the wand quiz.

From there, you can bring the wand into Hogwarts Legacy after you have linked it to your WB Games account.

Start by creating or logging into a Harry Potter Fan Club account on the Wizarding World website.

Go to your profile, head over to the wand section, and click the “Find Your Wand” button to start the quiz.

There are seven questions in the quiz, and the wand you get will be based on your answers to the quiz.

After you have received your wand, link your Wizarding World account to your WB Games account on the Legacy Connect page.

From here, you will have whatever wand you earned from completing the quiz in Hogwarts Legacy!

Tips for Choosing a Wand

Tips for Choosing a Wand

As mentioned previously, once you have picked a wand and gone through the sorting ceremonies, you won’t be able to change it.

So, make sure you pick a wand you like. You can create multiple accounts on the site until you have the wand you want.

Alternatively, you can follow a guide online if you want the wand of a specific character’s wand.

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