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Hogwarts Legacy: Venomous Revenge Quest Guide

Find the Venomous Tentacula hidden inside a cellar!




Hogwarts Legacy Venomous Revenge Quest Guide

There are lots of NPCs in Hogwarts Legacy that will need your help. Doing so will allow you to earn more experience, gold, and possibly some other items that can help you in your journey.

However, these quests are optional and won’t interfere with the main game. Still, they can provide additional ways to have fun and strengthen your character.

One such character you’ll meet when exploring is Ackley Barnes. After you have spoken to him, he’ll ask you to get the Venomous Tentacula from an old business partner. This guide will show you how to get it.

How to Start the Venomous Revenge Quest

How to Start the Venomous Revenge Quest

Source: Game Guides Channel

To find Ackley Barnes, you need to head to the point marked on the map above. Once you have arrived, you’ll find him angrily talking to someone.

Once you finish talking to him, the quest will then begin. Here are what you need to do next:

Find Lawely’s Cellar

Find Lawelys Cellar 2

Source: Game Guides Channel

Barnes will instruct you to find Lawely’s cellar. To find it, you must exit the alley you found Barnes in from the right, take a left, and continue down the street until you reach Zonko’s shop, then turn right.

You will find Lawley’s cellar on the second house to the left after turning. In case you get lost, don’t worry as it will be marked on your compass.

Retrieving the Venomous Tentacula

Retrieving the Venomous Tentacula

Source: Game Guides Channel

Once you have entered the cellar, use an invisibility spell and follow these steps:

  • Start heading straight then turn right until you reach a door
  • Unlock the door with the eAlohomora spell
  • Keep heading straight until the cave shifts to the right
  • Keep following the cave until you enter a large room
  • Fight off or avoid the Thornback Scurriors
  • Head through the room and turn right where you will find a flight of stairs
  • Go up the stairs to find the Venomous Tentacula and retrieve it

Escape the cave the same way you went in. Finally, return the Venomous Tentacula to Barnes to complete the Venomous Revenge quest!

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